Please note: The TIA developer license modules are only available with a maintenance contract. The ACCON-AGLink S7-TCP/IP TIA module additionally requires the ACCON-AGLink SymbolikPro TIA module.

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  • Supports controller types S7-200, S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, S7-400H, LOGO! 0BA7 and 0BA8, S5, as well as the machine tool controller SINUMERIK 840D
  • Communication via MPI, PROFIBUS, PPI, TCP/IP and RK512/3964(R)
  • Supports all common programming languages via DLL or shared object
  • All TIA functions are available for the Java wrapper
  • Uniform software for all control types and for all supported operating systems
  • Change of communication way possible without program change
  • Extensive functionality for writing and reading process data
  • Extensive comfort functions
  • Access to S7 Symbolics (with module SymbolikPro)
  • TIA Portal V17 is supported for online and offline access
  • Symbol import from TIA Portal projects (*.ap11 to *.ap17)
  • Support of current firmware: S7-1500 with FW 2.9.2 and S7-1200 with FW 4.5
  • Support PLC-PLCSIM Advanced V3.0 and V4.0
  • Online symbol import of PLCs, that have been configured with TIA Portal
  • Available for Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Linux Embedded, Solaris, OS9000 and VxWorks
  • New since version 5.6: S5-ISO (H1) for Windows and Linux
  • Further controllers and connections available on request

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Windows, WinCE, Linux, VxWorks, Linux Embedded, WinCE SDK


Single licence USB dongle, TIA single licence USB dongle, RFC 1006 developer licence, S5-AS511 developer licence, RK 512 developer licence